Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2.6H2O)




An important raw material im the production of magnesium carbonate,magnesium suophat,magnesium oxide,magnesium hydroxide and other magnesium compounds im chemical industry.

Used as the adhesive of fireproof materials and it is also raw materials of the production of No.2.melting agent and metal magnesium.

Raw material in the production of light building materials such as,fiber glass tile,omamental plate,sanitary,ware ceiling,floor brick,magnesium cement and other materials that are used in highrise buildings.

Used as the solidifying agent for protein in food industry,and used as firproof agent for coal mine in coal imdustr y,it is also used as freezeproof agent and dirproof agent.


Magnesium chloride: 46%min

Sulphate radical: 1.0%max

Alkali metal chlorides: 0.6%max

Ca: 0.14%max

Water insoluble matter: 0.2%max

MgCl2.6H2O: 98%min

Packing: 25/1000kgeach bag.

H.S.No: 28273100

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