Citric Acid Anhydrate BP98




       Primarily for food and beverage industries, and in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, washing and other industries for a wide range of applications, mainly in the field of food and flavoring agent for acids.


Characters: white or colorless crystalline lens powder
Identification: with the experimental
Clarify the: water clarity
Content : 99.5-101.0%
Moisture: 1.0%max
Barium salt: with the experimental
Calcium: 200ppm max
Molysite: 50ppmmax
Arsenic: 3ppm max
Heavy Metal: 10ppm max
Oxalate: 350ppm max
Chloride: 50ppm max
Sulphat: 150ppm max
Dust sulfate: 0.1%max
Lead: 1ppm max
Aluminum: 0.2ppm max
Bacteria -0.5ppm max

Packing:25 kg composite sheet of 45 resected pound bag packaging or designated

H.S.No: 29181400

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