Sodium Metasilicate


Sodium Metasilicate

Application: It is mainly used in making high efficiency detergent and metal cleaner. Instead of STPP, it can raise cleaning efficiency and reduce environmental pollution, provides excellent alkaline buffer, corrosing prevention for metal (i.e. Zinc, Aluminum), possesses the character of softening water.



Beaded anhydrous sodium metasilicate

Items Index
Na2O% 50.501.00
Sio2% 46.001.00
Fe 200ppm max
Bulk density(g/cm3 1.05-1.35
Particle Size20-65mesh% 93.0 min
Rate of solution in water(5%by weight@21) 80second
Appearance white,uniform,beaded.

Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate

Items Fine Grade Passed
Na2O  % 28.5-30.0 28.0-30.5 28.0-30.5
Sio2      % 27.3-29.2 27.0-29.0 27.0-29.0
Fe      % 0.03max 0.05max  
Water insoluble % 0.20max 0.03max  
Whiteness    % 75min 70min  

Sodium metasilicate nonanhydrate

Items Index
Na2O  % 20.0-23.5
Sio2      % 19.0-23.5
Fe      % 0.05max
Water insoluble % 0.30max
Whiteness    % 70min







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