Fine Ceramics ---Reaction Sintering Silicon Carbide (SiSiC)

Beams, Rollers, Burner nozzles, Radiation pipes, Tubes series, Sealing parts, Cooling air pipes, Thermal couple protection tubes, Desulphating nozzles, Desulphating pump protection batts, Sandblasting nozzles,Saggers, crucibles, Special-shaped parts,Element for Splitting furnaces, Horseshoe shape furnace tubes

The products can be widely used in sanitary ceramics, consumer ceramics, electric porcelain, magnetic materials, crystallite glass, industrial kiln, automobile, pump, boiler, power plant, papermaking, petroleum industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanics, aviation and flight industries.


Item Unit Data
Temperature of application 1380
Density g/m3 >3.02
Open porosity % <0.3
Bending strength Mpa 250(20)
  Mpa 280(1200)
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 330(20)
  Gpa 300(1200)
Thermal conductivity w/m.k 45(1200)
Coefficient of thermal expansion k-1x10-6 4.5
Rigidity   13
Acid-proof alkaline   Excellent

Packing: packed in plywood box.

H.S.No: 6903900000

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